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The Daily Post asks: Do you like surprises?

It all depends on the surprise. A surprise birthday party? Yes, I love those. A surprise visit from a close friend? Another winner. A giant spider hiding in the shower? Not so much. An unknown credit card charge for $500? No thanks.

I do like surprises to a certain extent. I’m a planner, I like to plan things. When plans get changed, it takes me a moment to reconsider everything and then I’m ok with whatever else we have to do. But surprises can be fun, too, of course!

What was the best surprise of my year? I think the best one would have to be finding out that I got tickets to Rockfest and that Korn would be signing autographs. That was an excellent surprise!

The worst surprise? Finding out that my aunt had committed suicide. That was definitely a very tragic surprise, nobody was expecting it.


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