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The Daily Post asks: Who is the most patient person you know?

I would have to say my Mom. She is much more patient than anyone I know, really. She has her moments of course, but who doesn’t? In general, she can tolerate a lot more crap without losing her cool than most anyone I know. She’s always been able to calm people down if they’re in the middle of a heated argument and then talk them through it. She just has that calming aura around her I guess. She’s very maternal, and I guess patience comes with being maternal.

I certainly didn’t inherit that trait from her. I’m so impatient with everything and I hate waiting. She has no problem sitting in a waiting room for 45 min. Me? I would be pacing back and forth, having already flipped through every magazine available, and be on the verge of walking out.

Her patience is something I try to aim for. It doesn’t always work, but she does inspire me to be more patient.




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