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Ode to Coffee

I was bored awhile back and in the mood for coffee. I decided to write a poem about it, it was just something little and fun to do. I don’t usually write rhyming poems but it felt right in this case. Also, I haven’t messed with it all so some parts are a little meh.


Oh coffee, so black and bitter.

How do you satisfy my inner

artistic craving for energy

So entirely perfectly?

Without sugar and without cream,

You cannot fulfill my coffee dream.

I need you fattened up with spice,

Thickened with flavor is always nice.

I like to drink you cold or hot,

Sometimes blended, sometimes not.

Iced is good, but I’ll always take

Any combo, as long as you’re not fake.

You have to be ground and brewed,

No instant packets of grainy glue.

I need you every day to wake,

Without you, coffee, my head will ache.


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