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The Daily Post asks: Do this experiment to generate a post idea.

Honestly, I started thinking about Breaking Bad! Only because I have just finished Season 3 and am dying to start the 4th Season. I tend to get a little obsessive over t.v. shows. It’s one of the ways I escape from reality. I get really attached to certain characters.

Between Breaking Bad and Doctor Who, I’m surprised I haven’t had a heart attack or a brain aneurysm. One of them leaves me stunned and scrambling to get to the next episode while the other sends me into a confused state of frenzy, trying to figure out what in the hell actually is going on.

TV is a great distraction from life. Don’t get me wrong, I love life and all but sometimes it’s nice to just get that escape, like with reading. Reading and TV, my main go-to escapism’s. Without them, I think I’d go completely mad.


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The Daily Post asks: Write a review of the last movie you saw.

(I’m not that great at reviewing movies but here goes.)

The last movie I watched was Ruby in the Smoke (2006).

It aired on PBS’s Masterpeice Theater. I like a lot of the movies/TV shows that are aired on Masterpeice Theater and this one included two of my favorite actors, Billie Piper and Matt Smith. Yes, they are both Doctor Who stars but I also really enjoy their acting.


The movie is based off of a series of books, I believe. I haven’t read them so I can’t compare the film to book. It’s set in Victorian England and Billie Piper plays Sally Lockhart, a young woman who recently lost her father and is living with her aunt. She recieves a strange letter and the entire film is then about her trying to solve the mystery and avoid being killed by Mrs. Holland, who is trying to solve the same mystery.

Overall, the movie was ok. It did get a little stale towards the middle but soon picked up again. I thought Billie Piper was great as Sally Lockhart, her character kept me interested in the film when it seemed to drag on in some places.

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